Expression Online grew from repression of our freedoms, by either NSA surveillance or deaths at the hands of police for knowing your rights. We have watched as more of our freedom was chipped away on all sides, and finally realized that we were the change that we were waiting for. After years of supporting the status quo and suppressing our feelings, we saw the damage that our silence wrought on our communities.

We decided to make a change and this blog sprang into existence based off shared ideals of mutual respect, freedom of speech, and genuine expression of emotion. We have seen the infrastructure of freedom begin to crumble under the onslaught of “protection” and we want to mobilize our voices to exchange ideas in an easily accessible global way.

Expression Online provides a platform for those who are seeking to:

  • Bring global communities together
  • Encourage candid conversation
  • Inspire people to speak up about injustice
  • Embolden people to utilize their freedom of speech
  • Bring people out of their shells

In such a nebulous time in history, with so many of our freedoms threated by government spying and secrets, we seek to share our knowledge broadly. We cannot do this alone; we are a small group and by no means are we experts on every subject.

We extend our hands to you so that you may express yourself with us. While many of us are able to take to the streets to protest these issues, there are spaces where publicly stating your opinion can be a death sentence. For those who are hiding their emotions and watching tyranny descend and the global landscape change, we are here for you. We will speak for you when you cannot, and we will post for you anonymously if you are unable to.

It is time to stand up and do what we can from any medium we can. Bosch Fawstin said it best after the ISIS influenced murder of French political cartoonist Charlie Hebdo:

"I understand the threat that we face and that's why I do what I do. I do not refuse to do it because of the threat; I do it because we are being threatened. This has to be fought head on."

When one of us loses our freedom of self-expression, then we all do. Let us stand together and provide encouragement and community to those who are struggling as deeply as we are.